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Richa Agarwal

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Richa Agarwal

Richa Agarwal is a senior analyst and is our primary small-cap specialist.

She routinely travels across the country scouring the small-cap universe for fundamentally strong companies trading at attractive prices.

Having degrees in both finance as well as engineering has served her well in analyzing business models across the small-cap space.

Richa is editor of our best-selling small-cap service Hidden Treasure, and our most exclusive service Phase One Alert.

For the Equitymaster Conference 2021, She is in talks with multiple managements to be a part of this conference... bringing to you a unique opportunity to know the promoters better and interact with them.

Also, due to volatility in the equity market, you can expect Richa to answer:

How she has tweaked her process for better returns in the times of a pandemic?

... And her top 3 picks for 2021...