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Ajit Dayal

Founder of Equitymaster & Quantum Advisors

Ajit Dayal

Ajit is a renowned fund manager in India and abroad, whose credits include the US$2 billion Vanguard International Value Fund.

A strong believer in the ease and simplicity of long-term investments, Ajit is also the founder of Quantum Asset Management Company and PersonalFN.

Ajit is also a prolific writer on investing in Indian and global markets as well as Indian Real Estate. He is the editor of The Honest Truth.

Ajit believes ‘The Honest Truth will help us lead better, more honest lives - and still allow us the opportunity to enjoy some wealth for our material comforts.’

It's no wonder Forbes India called him "The Mutual Fund Maverick". For 28 years, Ajit has been going against the crowd to build a company that puts investors over profits.

Ajit thinks India has a fantastic long-term future, there’s no doubt about it....

In one of the past issues of The Honest Truth, Ajit called himself the ‘the biggest India equity bull on planet earth’.

But has the recent coronavirus-caused market volatility changed his mind?